Commercial Coffee Makers 101

Commercial coffee machines are used by restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses. Depending on daily use, commercial coffee machines may last up to fifteen years. However, if you just use the machine a couple of days a week, it may break down much sooner. Keeping it clean is important to prolong its life. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips for commercial coffee machines:

Clean the Brewing Pump or Pressure Regulator. Most commercial coffee machines include a brewing pump. This is where the steam is created to make your coffee. To ensure that this device is working properly, it should be cleaned regularly.

Always Wipe the Bean Tray. Dirty coffee machines often emit an unpleasant odor from the bean trays. Wiping them every day is not enough as residual oils from the beans settle on the bottom. If left unclean, it will also block the flow of water through the machine which may affect the taste of the brewed coffee.

Wipe the Brewing Wheels Every Time. Some commercial coffee machines have removable brewing wheels that can be wiped every time it is used. Most makers are usually easy to clean so that users do not need to focus on ensuring their machines are clean at all times. However, there are models that have large interior areas where plenty of crevices can accumulate crumbs.

Replace the Coils Regularly. It is vital to maintain the best commercial coffee machines in order to prolong the brewing process. Once the coffee grinder starts to show signs of damages, it is best to replace the grinding stones or the entire heating system to prevent premature failure of the machine.

Be Careful with the Water When Showering. Most commercial coffee machines do not come with a draining hose. Some models even have small faucets in order to pour the excess water when rinsing the beans. It is advisable to drain the water before drinking as much as possible. Most manufacturers provide a detailed instruction guide on how to go about cleaning and draining the water from every day use machines.

Maintain the Machine for Maximum Functionality Every Day. The coffee brewing process is an important aspect of a commercial coffee machines operation. It is always good to keep an eye on the brewing process to ensure that it is being performed properly. The water filter should be changed at least every six months or so depending on the manufacturer specifications.

Always Brew Espresso Every Time. Commercial coffee machines have an internal clock of sorts. The proper time for each brewing process must be programmed into the device in order to ensure that the best quality fresh brewed espresso is produced every time. This will make the whole commercial coffee machines experience more enjoyable, and will add value to the machines over time.

Use High Quality beans to Brew Your Product. Coffee makers are designed to produce high quality beans to produce the highest quality cup of espresso. Do not settle for low quality beans to brew your coffee. These lower quality beans will result in burnt coffee and poor flavor. If you are looking for a good quality office coffee machine, always go with a brand name product. Brand names like Folgers and Maxwell House are considered high quality, and are well known for producing excellent tasting and flavorful espresso.

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